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Pluto opposite Mars

Oppose or Lead?

Kelli Fox

You're in for a rough ride for the next two to three years, as your relationships, both personal and professional, will expose areas of yourself that are still problematic, especially in terms of your ego, aggression and physical energy. You are likely to overreact if you feel that anyone is opposing you or attempting to block you from achieving exactly what you're trying to do. Loud arguments, uncontrollable anger and temper tantrums are all signals that you've still got issues surrounding these sticky subjects.

There's work to be done! You've got plenty of energy; that isn't the problem. In fact, you're more ambitious than usual and very willing to work hard on projects that motivate you. However, you may not be so willing to work on other people's projects -- like, say, your boss's. Power struggles are likely, as these are an outward manifestation of the inner tension that you feel. Your ego is exceedingly strong right now, and if you simply stomp all over others on your way to the top, you will arouse some serious opposition. If you can get others on board instead, you can claim the leadership position that you're so well suited for.

Pluto opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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