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Pluto opposite Jupiter


Kelli Fox

You're driven to achieve success during this two-to-three-year period, and you may insist that others live up to your elevated expectations of work and behavior. Your mind is open and acute, so you're able to learn, quickly and deeply, the things you need to succeed; however, you may fall under the mistaken impression that you know it all, becoming arrogant and self-righteous in the process. It's possible that your insensitive, overbearing manner will alienate others, in which case they'll stall or slow down projects that seem crucial to you -- only increasing the sense of superiority that you already feel, in addition to a feeling of frustration.

Your powers of promotion are excellent now, but rather than focusing them on your own projects, this energy is best spent in broadcasting group efforts that you're involved in, or even publicizing for someone else altogether. Although you'll learn easily now, your perspective is not the best, so you're not able to correctly frame the information and concepts you gain. Look to others for help in this regard, and you'll be able to avoid many of the problems inherent in this transit's energy.

Pluto opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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