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Pluto conjunct Sun

Fearless Change

Kelli Fox

This once-in-a-lifetime transit is one of the most important astrological events you'll ever experience. It is a time of testing, letting go, digging deep and finding your true inner self. The fundamental purpose of this influence is to reconnect you with your most authentic self and to enable you to use your own deepest resources, which are now buried under years of psychological defenses and false reasonings.

Very old issues come to the surface during this two-to-three year period. Pay attention to people and circumstances who resurface in your life now, as they hold important clues to the issues you must face and overcome. Loss is a common theme for Pluto transits -- losses that are painful but necessary for you to find the real you, so that you're able to move forward without extra emotional baggage. If you're interested in psychotherapy, this is the perfect time to do it, for you're now able to face your inner demons more fearlessly than usual. This will be a difficult period, but the rewards of looking deeply within and fearlessly letting go are well worth the effort. You will be a different and better person by the end of this influence.

Pluto conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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