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Pluto conjunct Neptune

Moving Closer to the Great Creator

Kelli Fox

This influence may be a very subtle one, for the energies involved are far bigger than you and may well operate at an unconscious level, particularly since you're still quite young. The area of your life that is affected by this influence has to do with your deepest ideals, your ideas about religion and spirituality, your dreams and your connection to the nonphysical part of life. It's possible that you may not have had enough time for these concepts to be well developed, and that you're more inclined toward fantasies and trying to escape the 'real world' than you are toward accepting and dealing with reality as it is.

If this is the case, these behaviors will become more apparent during this transit, as they rise to the surface in order to be noticed, observed and processed. It's crucial for your own development that you not begin or engage in any behaviors or activities that will remove you even further from the realities of mundane existence, such as drinking, drugs or any other type of addiction. Instead, develop your inner spiritual nature through practices that bring you closer to nature and to your concept of the Great Creator.

Pluto conjunct Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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