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Pluto conjunct Mercury

The Pursuit of Your Truth

Kelli Fox

During this exciting two-to-three-year period, which will come around only once in your entire lifetime, your mental capacities will be greatly enhanced and you'll perceive things far more deeply than ever before. Your intelligence is stimulated, your curiosity aroused; your perceptions are clearer and you'll delve more deeply into the subjects that interest you. You'll develop the ability to see right to the heart of the matter, not distracted by extraneous details.

You'll ask yourself and others deep and probing questions, which can make people uncomfortable who aren't accustomed to your pointed pursuit of truth. Research, investigation and analysis are extremely favored under this influence, because your focus is at an all-time high and you won't give up until you find answers that satisfy you. Your logic and thought processes become more directed, your attention span increases and your communications become more direct. These developments will create improvements in your thinking processes that will last for a lifetime, but at no time will they be stronger than they are right now. Enjoy this period of mental clarity and the gifts this brings to you.

Pluto conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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