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Pluto conjunct Jupiter

Faith Grows Deeper

Kelli Fox

Your optimism and enthusiasm will increase during the course of this two-to-three-year period. Your thirst for wisdom will grow and you'll be motivated to delve deeply into far-reaching subjects; you may even take on a course of learning that can change your life, deepening your understanding of the universe and the natural world. Your faith will be tested but the outcome will be positive -- that is, by the end of all this searching, you'll be very clear and articulate about your understanding of the meaning of life.

This will lead to feeling a broader connection with humanity as a whole, and your actions won't be selfishly motivated; instead, you'll want to help others in the most practical way possible. Expanding your resources is key at this time. You'll become very certain of what you know. Don't become so arrogant and confident of yourself that you forget how to listen to others for suggestions and advice; self-righteousness is to be guarded against at this time. That said, however, this is an excellent time to publicize yourself and to broadcast information that leads to improved conditions for those less fortunate than you.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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