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Neptune trine Venus

Love and Compassion

Kelli Fox

You are highly idealistic now, prone to daydreaming and open to beauty on every level, from the most mundane to the sublime. During this two-year transit, you are almost transcendent in your ability to perceive grace and artistry and to take pleasure in these things as well as other sensual activities. Take this opportunity to beautify your home or workspace, to make it more soft and soothing, as this will reflect in your moods and make you feel calmer.

Take note of your increased sense of warmth and compassion toward others, both those you know and those you don't. You're inspired to give charitably and to offer assistance to those in need, and you should act on these selfless inspirations to make a difference in the real world. In your romantic life, you're feeling preoccupied with fantasies about your perfect lover, whether or not you're involved in a relationship. There's nothing wrong with fantasies, except to the extent that they interfere with your daily work, toward which you'll feel little motivation. All in all, this is a subtle influence that will increase your sensitivity to anything beautiful or heartwarming, and you can extend these feelings to others.

Neptune trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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