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Neptune trine Uranus

Spiritual Questions Tickling Your Mind

Kelli Fox

At this time, your view of the world will move beyond the mundane or physical to the more spiritual aspects of life. You strive to find a bigger vision, one that addresses the invisible and immaterial -- love, hope, creativity, all the things that you can't see but that you can sense are there, and strongly so. A specific religion may or may not fulfill this yearning you have to connect with the nonphysical reality, but whatever answers or comfort you find, the important thing is that you open yourself up to new concepts and possibilities during this time, and don't let yourself be limited by a particular belief system or structure.

Your perspective is shifting and you want to understand your place in the universe; these big questions tickle your mind and your spirit and cause you to expand your thinking and sense of wonder at what you can't see or touch. Youthful idealism is entirely appropriate for this transit, as you should seek a larger vision, not a limited one. This influence can help you break free of limiting religious beliefs, particularly in the sense that now more than ever, you feel that every individual should be free to practice the form of spirituality that feels most true for them.

Neptune trine Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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