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Neptune trine Sun

Amazing Grace

Kelli Fox

During this two-year period you'll feel highly sensitive, both personally and toward others. On a physical level, you may notice that odors and sounds bother you more than usual, or you'll have a lower tolerance for alcohol or medicines. Your intuition is also strong during this time; you can amaze others by seeing things in them that they haven't recognized or revealed to the world.

Pay close attention to your body during this time, and don't wear yourself out with work. Do make it a point to get your exercise, though. Gentle movements such as walking, yoga and stretching are very beneficial for you now. Rest when and as much as you need it, and you'll be rewarded with amazing and powerful dreams. Compassion is highlighted during this time, and you're moved to serve others. Your warmth and caring will make those less fortunate than you feel worthwhile and important. You may feel a renewed interest in your spiritual life, especially if you've been ignoring that side for a while. The spirit world somehow seems more accessible now, more inviting. Feeding your soul is just as important now as feeding your body.

Neptune trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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