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Neptune trine Saturn

Making the Spirit Real

Kelli Fox

You have the rare opportunity this year to walk your path with one foot in the spiritual realm and the other foot on the good earth. Your sensitivity and highly compassionate nature now seek a practical and grounded outlet; you're selfless in your motivations, but you want to make sure that your love and kindness make a practical difference to someone in need. You approach your spirituality with a new measure of sensibility.

You will excel at any type of charity, benefit or service-oriented activity, and in fact may well end up spearheading or administering such programs and events. You possess a newfound humility that enables you to take much personal pleasure from your service-oriented works; your ego has been set aside for a larger purpose. You'll give much thought to the more subtle sides of life, and develop a deeper understanding of what is reality and what is illusion. You'll grasp invisible principles that govern the material world where we live. This rare transit comes only once every eight decades and it offers a wonderful opportunity to rise above your usual mundane concerns, to the benefit of those whom you offer your help.

Neptune trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Yahel on August 21, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Thank you so much!!


  2. Sasha louise Wolsey on January 13, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Thankyou for this, I have known for a while that something big and life changing was on the way, I have recently discovered that I have some kind of pinnacle period that can either help me for the better or leave me stuck like I have been most of my life, it sounds daft but I’m scared of taking the wrong path, I no that this thing what ever it is , is about to start any day , I want to make that right choice instead if keep missing the signs not only to improve my life for once but then to try and help others in more ways, (does that make sense) I have become so emotional and sensitive just from watching TV and reading books

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