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Neptune trine Pluto

The Bigger Context

Kelli Fox

This transit represents a subtle but distinct urge to understand your own personal power in the larger context of your spiritual life, and a desire to grasp how you fit into the bigger picture of universal unity. You may find that you're drawn to spiritual or human potential organizations, or even political organizations that emphasize unity and higher values over personal development. This is an excellent time to participate in these organizations, because your motivation is not strictly for personal gain, but for understanding.

You want to broaden your mind within the world, and to come closer to understanding your place in the universe -- which might be a lot smaller and yet more important than you think. Alternatively, you may be drawn to methods that encourage you to escape from the urge to develop your personal power for higher purposes. You know what that means: Be very careful to avoid any other means of escape that can be damaging to you or others. The best use of the current energy is to determine how you can best use your personal effectiveness in ways that actively benefit others outside your realm of influence.

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