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Neptune trine Neptune

We are All One

Kelli Fox

This influence occurs when you're in your mid-fifties, and represents an increase in your compassion and an interest in the spiritual, unseen factors of life. You have enough life experience these days to realize that there's much more to human existence than you and yours; for best results, you must extend your gift of giving far beyond your immediate sphere. Your empathy is increased now, and you sincerely want to help make the planet a better place than it is now, in as far as you're able to have an influence.

This calling may be subtle; there are those who are so involved with their daily life and 'getting ahead' that they ignore it completely, or fall into the opposite extreme of trying to escape from it, using their method of choice. But if you but listen to the small voice within, you'll be directed toward the correct ways to activate this energy for the greatest good. You are reminded of the principle that 'we are all one'; as you age, this idea takes on much more meaning than it had when you were young. Use this time to further develop your spiritual life, and to act in a way that expands your compassion beyond your usual sphere.

Neptune trine Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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