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Neptune trine Mercury

Mind and Soul Working Together

Kelli Fox
Neptune trine Mercury

Your mind is a never-ending source of creative inspiration during this two-year transit, and you're able to communicate most effectively about things not of this world. If you have any skill or experience in the spiritual realm, or with occult arts such as tarot, palm reading or psychic ability, you will be able to teach these skills to others very easily at this time. You speak comfortably about matters outside the daily realm of experience, and you inspire others to explore these areas.

Creative writing is also stimulated during this influence: When you're in the mood, you can write for long periods of time, using creative, fanciful vocabulary and syntax. Many wonderful ideas may come to you in dreams, both during the day and at night as you sleep; your creative imagination is highlighted now, and you simply need to slip into the right space to access it. Your intuition is such that you're able to communicate very effectively with others; it's almost as if you can see into their minds and know just what to say to them in order to reach them. Therefore you can use this time to mend any relationships that may have been on the outs.

Neptune trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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