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Neptune square Venus

In Love With Love

Kelli Fox

This is a subtle but important influence that will mostly affect your ability to see what is true and what isn't within the realm of your relationships. The danger here is that you'll see what you want to see, and not what's actually in front of you. You are so enamored of your own perceptions and ideals in love that it's like wearing blinders: Your vision is obscured and you miss important clues that would ordinarily warn you that all is not right in the world of your relationships, particularly romantic ones.

There are probably red flags going up in the distant reaches of your consciousness, but you'll ignore them -- to your peril. You'll wake up eventually and have to deal with the results of your long emotional nap. Another noticeable effect of this transit is that your usual motivation, spunk and get-up-and-go are nowhere in sight for the duration of this influence. This makes it harder than usual to accomplish your work or to move decisively toward your goals. If other transits indicate more discipline, you can overcome this; but if not, don't berate yourself over it. Take this time to learn to enjoy life more, and to reward your senses.

Neptune square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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