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Neptune square Sun

Energy Leak

Kelli Fox

This can be a difficult two-year period in which you feel dispirited and discouraged, and are just not able to accomplish as much as you'd planned. Somehow you keep falling short of your goals; you may not even be certain what your goals are anymore. You'd like to blame others, but if you're honest with yourself, you know that your energy just hasn't been up to par.

It's like you have an energy leak that you just can't fix. You tire easily and get distracted even more easily. When you're consistently behind schedule you may start to get insecure; you'll feel like the rug is about to be pulled out from under you, which makes it hard to relax. All this strain can make you feel like trying to escape your problems through various means, some more problematic than others. Be careful about drinking during this period -- even if you're just having a few with friends at happy hour. You may even want to avoid it altogether for the duration of the influence, because you're so susceptible to its negative effects. Instead, stay active, physically and socially. Share your problems and concerns with people who can give you perspective, suggestions and help when you need it.

Neptune square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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