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Neptune square Pluto

Keeping Up with the New You

Kelli Fox

This transit represents a subtle change in the power structures you've been familiar with in your life up until now. This can be a period of confusion and change, sometimes happening on a level that you aren't even fully aware of. The effects are subtle but can lead to considerable inner change.

Because you're still quite young, it is very possible that these changes will affect you in relation to your family. As you grow, your family members must adjust their vision of you in order to keep current with reality, and this is not always easy for them to do. They still see you as a little kid; but the more you try to assert your independence and power, the less they seem to respond to you. It can be a difficult time for this reason. One thing you can develop yourself that will help you through this period is to make more attempts to listen to the still small voice that speaks to you from deep within. This voice is very quiet and requires focus and concentration for you to hear it, but it will rarely lead you astray and can give you very helpful information in dealing with family members and other people who don't seem to notice your development and maturation.

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