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Neptune square Mars

Low Energy and Thwarted Ambitions

Kelli Fox

This can be a difficult two-year period when your energies are diminished and your ambitions are thwarted. Invisible situations and evasive people derail your plans, and you won't see it coming until it's already happened. Projects and endeavors that you've already invested a lot of work in are suddenly put on the back burner, or your ideas and suggestions don't receive a second thought.

Your self-esteem can quickly diminish under this influence, and it's easy to get discouraged or disillusioned. You may feel that others are out to get you; paranoia can set in, and even conspiracy theories start to hold some water for you. Don't give in to these energies, however, for this influence is only temporary and you aren't seeing things the way they really are. Another problem is that your physical energy is very low, and you'll tire very easily. Don't consider it an indulgence to get more sleep: Regard it as safeguarding your health. While it's important that you keep up your exercise, don't go overboard and attempt more than you can handle, and be sure to counteract vigorous exercise with something more soothing like stretching or yoga.

Neptune square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Ezrael on February 9, 2017 at 5:56 am

    Hi Kelli, At this point in my life; I should be able to fight all the lousy losses I’ve had because of grasping, evil people who have left me pennilous. I feel like I am in a well of falling down: and I find that the people I should be able to count on; for help, have left me mostly hurt, and feeling unwanted. I have had a brief, and very unusual relationship, unfulfilled physically, but spiritually, we have mental communication. A few years ago he was dying w/a very deadly new kind of pneumonia; I didn’t know he was ill until God gave me a vision to pray for him and I did, a lot for abt. 3 days and God let me know that he was healed. When I saw him the next time he had a new love for life and for me. He’s married to an ancestrally birthed member of The order of Jesuits(over 300 years). She will not let him have a divorce; and she poisoned him, many times and actually had him kidnapped and left to die; more than once, and he was able to mentally communicate what was happening to him, and I would stay in communication w/him; and pray for him, until he was safe. She wants his life insurance if she isn’t going to have him. She even tried to get a court order blocking me from going to the town; they lie in, to shop or anything. She also hired someone to follow me; when I went to the town, as the order did not stand. One time we were heart-to-heart and It was only for a few minutes, But his love made me feel the best I have ever felt in my life. Now I know how great the love of God will make me feel, when I get to heaven. When I left him that day; I felt like my feet didn’t touch the ground, like I was weightless. My cancer had caused me endless pain for 11 yrs.. at that time; but after I felt his love flow over and around me, I felt no pain for at least 5 hrs. His beautiful love nature filled all the holes in my heart, and made it sing. Maybe I will outlive that witch! I don’t have anyone else to talk to abt. he and me. I love him very much and I always will.
    She threatened me w/stalking charges; if I send him a letter, or a card, or try to see him; and she had the local cops follow me when I went shopping. She even had a cop call me and threaten me w/stalking as she has a no-contact order. Well one of these days he will be free of that hellish beast, and she will be where she belongs and get what she deserves. I hope I haven’t been a pest, writing able my blighted love life. You do a very generous service for a lot of folks. Thankyou Bye for Now. Sincerely, Ezrael

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