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Neptune square Jupiter

Unreasonably Optimistic

Kelli Fox

You may be so distracted by blind faith and optimism during this two-year period that you won't be aware of the realities that confront you. Your higher mind is stimulated during this transit, while your lower mind may have checked out for a while. You'll spend a lot of time daydreaming instead of paying attention to the mundane details of daily life; your lack of focus will lead to diminished productivity at work, which you will be hard pressed to keep from your boss.

You may feel very lucky, which could lead you to take unwise risks in gambling or the stock market, but this is to be avoided now. You don't have the concentration needed to investigate thoroughly or check all the pertinent information. While spiritual endeavors are also favored during this period, this is another area where you should take caution, because your optimism may once again override your common sense. You could fall for a belief system that defies what you know to be true, yet you'll accept it unquestioningly during this period of time. If you exercise caution despite your optimism and your currently creative sense of reality, you'll navigate this period with better results.

Neptune square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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