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Neptune sextile Venus

Gentle Affection and Idealism

Kelli Fox

This is a prolonged, subtle influence that will increase your idealism and your romantic illusions, and will greatly stimulate your creative nature. Compassion and empathy are highlighted during this period; you'll find great personal satisfaction in helping others. There are no boundaries to your compassion; you're in a space to help everyone from family members and neighbors to complete strangers.

You'll continue to hope for the best in people and situations, but you won't be blinded to reality. Since your creative abilities are emphasized now, this is a good time to use those skills to improve your environment at home and at work: Redecorate in soft, soothing colors and inspired use of home art. Also, you can expand your music collection now with music you'll enjoy for years to come. In romance, you yearn for that warm connection that will feed your soul. If you're in a relationship, you'll strive for peace; you'll avoid arguments and disagreements, which may lead you to deny your own needs for the sake of peace in the relationship. If you're single, you may spend a lot of time fantasizing about your ideal partner.

Neptune sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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