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Neptune sextile Saturn

Walking Between Two Worlds

Kelli Fox

This is one of the best times to walk comfortably between the spiritual and the physical worlds. You are able now to revise your loftiest goals and most cherished ambitions without difficulty, reorienting them away from material success and more toward spiritual satisfaction. This should be an excellent time for you, one when you feel the balance and alignment between your spiritual nature and your practical reality.

You will consider these matters deeply and seek a grounded, real outlet for your religious and spiritual needs. You'll find many opportunities to serve, and you consider this a high calling, so be alert and sensitive to the needs not only of your family and loved ones, but those of your neighbors and your local community. It's good to reach further out beyond your usual sphere of influence; remember, we now live in a global village. Your works of service will ripple out far beyond what you're able to see, because your compassion ignites a similar flame in others, who then spread their love and attention. This transit is very rare, occurring only once eighty years or so. Its effects are subtle, but they can be quite far-reaching.

Neptune sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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