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Neptune sextile Pluto

Dissolving Power Structures

Kelli Fox

Due to the current cycles of the planets, this transit happens when you're very young, and the effects are most likely to be too subtle for you to notice, unless they manifest in circumstances far larger than you that affect you, your family, your community and even your country. They represent a dissolving of the power structures you have previously depended upon in your life, and because the two planets concerned are the farthest-most planets in our solar system, they are considered transpersonal -- that means their influence extends beyond the personal and affects people in large groups. Due to your tender age, you may not even have been aware of the power structures that are being dissolved; however, you may be quite aware of the results of this dissolution, which truly cannot be predicted on a personal level.

Your best tools for dealing with this effect are simply to do the best you can in every given moment: If you live by this philosophy, you'll find that the future tends to take care of itself.

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