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Neptune sextile Neptune

Seeking Your Own Belief System

Kelli Fox

This is a transit that coincides with adolescence and represents an awakening and expansion of your spiritual beliefs and practices. It is no longer enough for you to simply accept the religions or spiritual principles that were taught to you by your parents; now it's time for you to examine and question these beliefs for yourself. This is not to say that you'll reject them automatically; but it is time for you to accept these beliefs on your own terms -- or to reject them in favor of whatever your own true beliefs might be.

You've had enough experience and time to figure out the things that are fundamentally important to you. Now you can start to determine whether or not your religious and spiritual understandings support your personal growth and development. It's perfectly possible that they will, in which case your depth of understanding will increase and you'll feel a greater attunement with these beliefs. If they don't, then it's time for you to start to develop a belief system that's more in line with your own personal experience and beliefs. This is just the beginning -- an important step of your spiritual journey, which is a lifelong process.

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