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Neptune sextile Mercury

Creative Writing

Kelli Fox

This is a lengthy transit in which your communication and mental processes will be based on intuition rather than facts and figures. Your concentration isn't the best, but it's replaced with imagination and fantasies. You dream actively, both day and night, and these dreams can be quite farfetched and unusual.

Keep a notebook close by to record the best of these inspirations. If you like to write, this is an excellent time to devote to that skill, for there will be no end to your creative output. This is not a period when you'll suffer from writer's block! Quite the contrary: You can get yourself into the zone and write for long periods of time, for your imagination is highly stimulated during this transit, and your writing may be transcendent. You'll also be able to talk about these dreams and ideals that are flowing so liberally for you; you'll be an inspired speaker. You're not confined to matters of logic now. You're able to make quantum leaps in reasoning, arriving at the conclusion of the matter and skipping steps that you can go back and fill in later. Use this time to give voice to your most creative ideas and fantasies.

Neptune sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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