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Neptune sextile Jupiter

Above it All

Kelli Fox

Your spiritual life is emphasized during this two-year transit, as is your interest in philosophy, world religions and all matters regarding your soul. You become more detached in your relation to the 'real world' because you are much more interested in exploring realms that you cannot see. You feel very connected to other people, but on an invisible, emotional plane.

Your compassion is aroused, and you strive to lend help wherever it's needed, from people in your neighborhood to folks across the world who are affected by any type of disaster. Faith increases as you open yourself up to the amazing web that connects everyone to everyone else. This invisible network takes your breath away and helps you to clarify your own place in the world; not the world of ambition, but the more important spiritual world that you can't see but that is everywhere. You desire knowledge, but not factual knowledge: Instead, you want to explore faith and spirit, and how they interact with religion. Your mind and heart are so involved with the unseen that you aren't vulnerable to the ego games that usually go on at work or in life. You're above all that!

Neptune sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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