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Neptune opposite Saturn

Shifting Realities

Kelli Fox

Your sense of reality is shifting now, like sand on the beach. What seemed solid and dependable turns out to be a house of cards, easily knocked down by the wind of change. The loss of a firm structure in your life can be very disorienting, since your expectations for the future will now have to change.

You might feel lost and vulnerable at this time, as if you'd lost your anchor. You may experience anxiety, even fear; you'll feel unable to perceive what's important and what isn't. When you're in this mood, it's easy to get into a pessimistic mindset, but that's not the best way to handle this energy. The real purpose of this time is to expand your previous reality far beyond what you ever thought possible. Your blinders have been removed, and soon you'll become accustomed to your new vision. This will enable you to enlarge the remaining structures in your life and to create new and improved ones that actually make your life better. While this period of time can be very disorienting, it will ultimately lead to greater personal freedom and a better understanding of your place in the big scheme of things. So don't be scared! Move forward with faith in your future.

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