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Neptune opposite Pluto

Loss and Renewal

Kelli Fox

This transit can have quite a dramatic influence on your life and that of your friends around your age, as it dissolves the power structures you've known in your life up to this time. People, situations and possessions that you're accustomed to may be lost now. Because you're so familiar with and most likely attached to these things, this influence can be quite disturbing, even to the point of affecting your health.

There is often a sense of sadness and melancholy as the old forms pass away; unfortunately, the more you cling to these structures, the more difficult this experience will be. Sometimes, parts of yourself that you've long kept hidden will creep to the surface. This may be quite uncomfortable for you, because these qualities or interests are hidden because you felt they were improper, shameful, even evil -- although whatever it is, it's probably not nearly as bad as you think it is! The most straightforward path through this difficult period is to accept things that are coming to the surface now, and make every attempt to expand your world view to include a broader vision in which you play an important, if unrecognized, part.

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