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Neptune opposite Mercury

What Did You Say?

Kelli Fox

Your relationships and communications with others will be an area fraught with confusion for the two years of this influence. Great care must be taken to ensure that you understand perfectly what others are saying to you, and also that they understand exactly what you're trying to say. The possibility for misunderstandings and outright deception is greatly increased under this influence.

Others might deceive you deliberately, thereby betraying your trust, or it may happen inadvertently if someone omits important information or presents the information incorrectly. Your intuition may warn you of these things, but with your mind in such a confused state, it may be difficult to discern intuitive information from self-deception. For all these reasons, permanent decisions should not be made at this time. If it's necessary to do so, be sure to consult with a lawyer or a trusted friend who is more grounded than you are at the moment. Run all the particulars by them and ask them if there's anything missing or any faulty logic. Doing this will help you make the best possible decision with the information you have available.

Neptune opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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