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Neptune opposite Mars

Dancing With a Ghost

Kelli Fox

This two-year influence is best likened to a major ego leak, when your energy bottoms out and you can't seem to muster up your usual ambition and optimism for the future. The more you try to assert your ego or express your anger, the less visible the target becomes. It's like trying to dance with a ghost: You just can't predict where the next move will come from.

To top it all off, your energy seems lost; at least, you can't find it anywhere. This can all add up to a muddled sense of discouragement. Your instincts are off, and it's possible that you'll get taken advantage of. You must be very careful not to get involved in any shady dealings, or anything remotely illegal or unethical. It's best to put others' interests ahead of your own now -- but that doesn't mean you should lie down like a doormat. Keep your ethics intact, and accept that you're in a period of low energy and difficulty in asserting yourself. Also be mindful of the fact that you're much more sensitive than usual to medicines, drugs and alcohol. Keep up your exercise routine and make sure to get plenty of rest, which is the most effective thing you can do for yourself right now.

Neptune opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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