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Neptune opposite Jupiter

Feeling Invincible

Kelli Fox

Your perceptions will be altered during this two-year transit, and you'll have misguided ideas about what you can accomplish. You'll feel as though you can't possibly be defeated, which isn't true -- but you'll become overly optimistic about your own abilities and your future, and your careless, idealistic and fantastic thinking will prevent you from correctly judging the actual situation at hand. Even when cold, harsh reality is staring you in the face, you'll have a hard time seeing it clearly, and that will create problems.

You could easily get in over your head before you know it, both at work and in your private life. Unrealistic expectations about your earning capacity or a failure to account for possible future expenses can quickly lead to living beyond your means; you may take on debt that you'll have difficulty paying off. You won't feel particularly ambitious, so your work may suffer for this period of time. You'd rather indulge yourself in your champagne tastes than get down to business; at this time, your self-control is nowhere to be found. Don't let your optimism carry you too far away from reality during this period, or you'll pay the price later.

Neptune opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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