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Neptune conjunct Venus

Love, Money and Creativity

Kelli Fox

This two-year transit has three possible outcomes: One leads to illusion and disillusion in regard to love and romance; another has to do with confusion or mysterious circumstances about money; and the third profoundly stimulates your creativity and receptivity to beauty and pleasure. In your relationships, you must take care to differentiate between what's real and what you're imagining. You're likely to project your own illusions onto others; you may put them on a pedestal, as all you'll see in them is what you want to see.

Be particularly careful if you think you've found your 'ideal' mate. Someone who isn't worthy of your time may sense this vulnerability about you and take advantage of you, or even outright deceive you. If your tried and true friends sense trouble in the realm of your relationships, pay attention to them. In regard to your finances, it's easy come, easy go during this influence; you'll need to keep a careful log of expenditures and stay away from impulse buys. The best thing about this transit is that you'll feel very creative and open to beauty, particularly art and music. Surround yourself with soothing songs and beautiful art.

Neptune conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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