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Neptune conjunct Sun

Not Quite Yourself

Kelli Fox

You may not feel quite like yourself during this two-year period, because you're going through subtle changes that will refine and sensitize you. The upshot of this influence is that it will connect you to the realm of infinite possibilities, but in order to do that, you'll have to depart the physical plane, at least on some levels. You're likely to feel spaced out, lacking in concentration and your usual groundedness.

Your energy may be lower than usual, and it's quite possible you'll need more rest -- and you can expect amazing dreams. Things that wouldn't normally bother you that much, like a dripping faucet or someone's perfume, are all of a sudden intolerable. Your intuition is keen and you can gain valuable information from your hunches, if you don't ignore them. Your spiritual life will become more important to you, for you see the divine in everyone during this influence. Your compassion likewise increases, and you'll be most effective when helping others selflessly. To counteract the difficult aspects of this time, head for water or install a fish tank in your home or office. Get plenty of rest, and accept that you're in a sensitive and fragile state for the time being.

Neptune conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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