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Neptune conjunct Saturn

Reality Slipping Away

Kelli Fox

This can be quite a trying two years, because many of the structures and systems you have built into your life may come tumbling down and dissolve into a pile of sand. It's an understatement to say that this is disorienting: Life-changing is more like it. Maybe you'll lose your job or marriage, or the business you spent years building is all of a sudden obsolete.

Circumstances beyond your control may cause irreversible changes in your life. Whatever the circumstance, you're left in a very vulnerable condition, for the things you have depended upon to give your life meaning are no longer operative. You can easily become discouraged, even despairing, but the challenge here is not to give in to those feelings. Instead, recognize that change is the only constant in the universe. As difficult as it is to pick up the pieces and move on, you must salvage what you can from your previous life and carry it forward into your new one. Search for the meaning in what you've lost rather than dwelling on it. Let new realities emerge before you make any permanent decisions, and don't become demoralized by the changes around you. Things will look up soon.

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