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Neptune conjunct Mars

Evaporating Goals and Vanishing Ambitions

Kelli Fox

This is a difficult transit to handle, because your ego, your drive and your energy are all diminished under the washing-away influence of Neptune. Particularly if you are usually a go-getter, you're going to feel frustrated and anxious at times during this two-year period. For one thing, your physical energy is much lower than usual, and you find that you need much more rest.

Although it will be tempting, don't push yourself beyond your physical ability, as this increases the chance of illness and poor decisions. Your usual ambition is replaced by lack of discipline and the general inability to get yourself going, both of which can lead to a decrease in your self-esteem, which leads to more exhaustion....and on it goes, in a downward spiral. Your best bet is to accept that you're in a phase in which your vitality is lower than normal. This will help you to lower your expectations of yourself and not be be discouraged. There is a purpose in this energy, distracting you from your earthly goals: It is to remind you that there's much more out there that you can't see. Replace your earthly ambitions with spiritual goals and this difficult period will be beneficial to you.

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