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Neptune conjunct Jupiter

Inviting the Sublime

Kelli Fox

While this may not be the most noticeable transit, you have a two-year opportunity to greatly increase your faith and spiritual vision. Your curiosity will be aroused, but not curiosity for material or earthly matters. Rather, your interest is toward the sublime, the spiritual, the invisible realms.

You seek a higher philosophy, a much bigger Big Picture. You are highly idealistic now, much more optimistic than usual, and your emphasis is on outward action rather than inward motion. Your sense of compassion and empathy is increased, and you won't hesitate to act on these feelings of compassion, whether it's by assisting people in your family or neighborhood, volunteering at the local soup kitchen or donating money to victims of faraway disasters. Your selfless behavior and generous donations greatly help those who need it and give you a sense of personal satisfaction that can never come just from serving yourself. Be attentive to people who may take advantage of your generosity, for you may not be in the right mode to check all the facts and figures; you're operating instead on hunches. Make sure your good works go to reputable causes.

Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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