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Moon trine Venus

Thrive in Social Situations

Kelli Fox

You're in a wonderful emotional and creative mind space today. This is the perfect time to reach out to the people around you; you're feeling gregarious and warm, and up for a good time. Even a long day at the office will be a little more fun than usual; you'll make connections not only with your coworkers but also with potential clients or associates.

Be sure to go out in a group and celebrate any big successes at work today; a group lunch or happy hour spent with coworkers will be just the ticket for making everyone excited to come back again tomorrow. And don't neglect your friends and loved ones, either -- not that you would. You're in the mood to make contact, and your positive energy will inspire people to respond in kind. This is a great day to call up long-distance friends or paint the town red with your pals that live nearby. Group activities are highlighted now, but if you do end up staying home alone today, be sure to activate this wonderful influence by being creative. Write in your journal -- connecting with yourself is every bit as important as connecting with your loved ones, after all -- and reach out to others via phone and email.

Moon trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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