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Moon trine Uranus

Seeing Things in a New Way

Kelli Fox

You're seeing things in a new way today, and you can use this fresh perspective to jazz up any area of your life. In your professional life, unusual networking routes are highlighted, so attend conferences and meetings and keep your eyes and ears open even when you're just out on the town. You might run into someone important and end up arranging a meeting or other get-together.

You're sure to wow them with your unique way of thinking or envisioning a project, so write down all your ideas today -- it might be weeks before this kind of inspiration hits again! In your personal relationships, this is also a great day to shake things up. Take your honey out for an impromptu date to do something neither of you has ever tried before -- salsa dancing, bungee jumping, whatever it is, you name it -- and go for it! If you're single, footloose and fancy free, get out on the town with friends. The current energy demands newness, freshness and excitement, and it only lasts a day or two, so it's not to be wasted!

Moon trine Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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