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Moon trine Sun

Emotionally In Tune

Kelli Fox

You're in a great mood today, and your energy is uplifting to everyone around you. You're putting out a strong happy vibe, one that everyone you interact with -- your friends, coworkers, even the guy at the checkout counter at the grocery store -- will notice and appreciate. Even though this is a very short transit, take advantage of its possibilities!

You see new avenues that you don't ordinarily see, and they all seem to be moving in a direction you want to go in. This is a great time for dates, appointments and group activities; you'll put everyone at ease, making them laugh and just generally feel good about themselves. At work, you can be a great facilitator at a meeting, because your great vibes will loosen everyone up and get them ready and willing to work harder. Furthermore, your own work will be positively affected; you can continue plugging away without boredom at whatever project you've been working on. Your clarity of purpose and focus will give you the edge today, and you're naturally attuned to success and empowerment. So give it your all, whatever 'it' is; you can't go wrong in putting your positive energy to use.

Moon trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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