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Moon trine Saturn

Long-Term Plans

Kelli Fox

Today you're after the long-term investment instead of the short-term gain. At the office, you're focused on your long-range goals: what they are, and what steps you need to take to reach them. Business meetings held today should also focus more on future plans than on the past.

You'll make progress in your projects now -- not amazing, leaps-and-bounds progress, but slow, steady and careful forward movement that you can rest assured won't have to be rechecked or fixed later. You're careful about everything today, not just at work; your relationships with friends and loved ones will also take on a cast of sobriety. If there are any serious issues between you that merit discussion, today could be a good day for a heart-to-heart. If not, take this opportunity to reaffirm your affection and commitment to your loved ones. They'll appreciate your seriousness, because it's evident to everyone around that everything that comes out of you today is heartfelt. You're taking life seriously now in a good way -- a way that will pay off later.

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