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Moon trine Pluto

The Heart of the Matter

Kelli Fox

This powerful transit is short, so take advantage of its opportunities! Today, you're able to see right to the heart of the matter, immediately bypassing any meaningless details. Your emotions are humming, right in tune with the world around you, and your instincts are spot-on.

You're able to get an accurate read on your boss, your sweetie, your friends and associates, and know just what needs to be done in a given moment. If you're developing a new business relationship, you can really feel them out and respond to their needs at an intuitive level. But you're not all about the other person; you're also in touch with your own needs now, and you also know your limits. If you realize that a certain relationship, at work or in your personal life, isn't going to be good for you, you'll be able to say 'Sorry, thanks but no thanks' and move on.

Moon trine Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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