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Moon trine Neptune

Subtle Vibrations

Kelli Fox

You feel magical today. Granted, you may not get a lot done, especially at the office or in crossing items off your to-do list; but the current energy is for other pursuits, and since this is only a day-long influence, that's just fine. Don't expect yourself to get a lot accomplished at work; instead, apply yourself to more imaginative pursuits.

If you feel like taking a long bath or swim and indulging in fantasies, by all means, do so. Don't push yourself to do anything strenuous or rigorous, either mentally or physically; this is a day for daydreams and flights of fancy. Reading, watching movies, taking an afternoon snooze -- all these are perfect activities for a day that will be spent more in your mind than in cold, harsh reality. Of course, if you've got a big day at the office with a hundred different projects and associates demanding your attention, you could end up feeling worn out. But turn those annoyances into positives by making an effort to spread your calm energy to the people around you. And take a few moments at your desk to relax whenever you need to; taking some deep breaths or even doing a ten-minute meditation can do wonders for your focus.

Moon trine Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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