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Moon trine Mercury

Be a Good Listener

Kelli Fox

Today you're aware of your emotions and your deep, personal past experiences -- the ones that have come together to make you who you are today -- but they don't interfere with your thinking processes, logic or ability to communicate. In fact, you can best use this day to help a friend or someone close to you sort out a difficult personal problem. You'll have the ability to ask the right questions, to sniff out important clues in what they're saying and to make them feel heard, supported and understood.

Be sure to turn off your cell phone during your conversations today, because it's likely to be ringing a lot -- everyone likes a good listener! At work, you could serve as the go-between on a major project or at a meeting. Your sensitive communication style is impressing everyone around you, and making life easier for them. Don't be surprised if your boss sends you an impromptu thank-you email for all your hard work and efforts on behalf of the business! You're truly in it for the group today, not just for yourself, and it shows. You can give care and nurturing to whoever's around now, and you'll improve their day as well as your own.

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