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Moon trine Mars

Lights, Camera, Action!

Kelli Fox

This is the day to go out and get what you want. You're in the mood for a little action, as they say, so go ahead and get started on that project, ask someone out on a date, or do whatever it is that equals fun and activity for you. While you might be in the mood for a little one-on-one action with someone special, group activities with friends are also a great way to get your energy out.

You've got a lot of it at the moment, after all, and you should put it to use! Your libido and your general vitality are both high today, so this should be a fun time for you. At work, you can really make some headway on a project because you're feeling so proactive -- and your boss is sure to take note of your go-for-it attitude. With friends, this is a good time to do something fun and physically active. Playing team sports or board games would be great -- you're competitive now, but not in an overly aggressive way; you still want everyone involved to have a good time. Get your workout in, too; you've got the energy it takes to have a really intense session, and still have plenty of energy left over for the rest of your day.

Moon trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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