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Moon trine Jupiter

Like Attracts Like

Kelli Fox

You're feeling good today -- optimistic, clear on your values and goals, and full of good ideas about how to pursue them. There's no better time to conduct business meetings that address future planning and direction, because your vision is attuned to what lies ahead. Best of all, you're not afraid of future bumps in the road; call it optimism, call it wearing blinders -- whatever it is, it's working!

You're full of confidence because you know you can get the job done, whatever that job is. The current energy isn't to be used solely on business pursuits, however; socially as well, you're the star of the party, so don't miss any opportunity to meet up with friends. If you don't receive an offer, initiate one (and that goes for business as well as pleasure!). Give someone a call and meet them for dinner after a rewarding day at the office.

Moon trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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