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Moon square Venus

A Little Help From Your Friends

Kelli Fox

You may feel rather self-indulgent today, ignoring your usual limits in eating, drinking and spending. Fortunately, this energy is short-lived, so the results shouldn't be too serious. You could feel a little moody, too.

When possible, it's great to get together with friends, because social get-togethers will perk you up. You're much more in the mood now for having a good time with friends than for buckling down and getting things done. If you have to go to work, don't expect yourself to get a lot accomplished; you'll probably spend the whole day sending emails to your pals or hanging out by the water cooler rather than at your desk, plugging away at your to-do list. On the lighter side, you feel more connected with your past than usual, so this is a great day to pick up the phone and call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. Your artistic sensibilities are also highlighted today, so doing something creative like writing or painting or going to an art museum or gallery would be a nice way to spend your time. Relationships could get a little rocky today, due to your moodiness and your unwillingness to get serious, but don't worry; tomorrow, things will look up again.

Moon square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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