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Moon square Saturn

A Heavy Heart

Kelli Fox

Life feels kind of hard today. You're grumpy, no one understands you and you have a hard time saying what you mean. Part of the problem is that, without realizing it, you're seeking out the people in your life who make you feel less-than-great about yourself, as a way to mirror and uphold your own inner securities.

It would be a lot better to seek out the friends and loved ones who make you feel wonderful, strong and supported and loved; but that's probably not what you'll do. And even if you did, their affection and compliments would go right over your grumpy head! You're just bent on finding reasons for your mood, which could include trouble at work, arguments with your sweetie and so on. Restrictions will weigh heavily on you now, but you won't know how to get out from under them, making you feel even worse. Feeling powerless doesn't make anyone feel good! Even so, the tasks on your to-do list must take priority over the things that you want to do. Good thing this transit only lasts about a day. For the moment, you're probably stuck plugging away at unpleasant duties that you'd rather avoid, but tomorrow the world will look a lot brighter.

Moon square Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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