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Moon square Pluto

A Complicated Space

Kelli Fox

This may not be a light, fun day, either at work or at home. You're feeling more suspicious than usual -- an emotion that has way more to do with you than with the world around you, but for today, you won't be able to make that distinction. Whatever feelings come over you, you'll be held in their sway.

Thank goodness this transit is so short! At work, you could feel uncomfortable in meetings with your boss and coworkers; you're feeling rather insecure now, and might invent a scenario in your head that your boss isn't impressed with your performance, or your coworkers don't like you. If thoughts like these enter your mind, do your best to ignore them! You've got enough to worry about without inventing worries on the side. The same goes for your personal relationships: If you're worried that someone's mad at you, just forget about it. Remember that if someone has a problem with you, it's their responsibility to take it up with you directly. Also, try not to obsess over a particular person, relationship or idea. Get some exercise, if possible; that usually does wonders for erasing obsessive thought and getting you into the here and now.

Moon square Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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