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Moon square Neptune

An Emotional Funk

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden, you're living in a dream. Today is a day of daydreams and fantasies, which may or may not be a good thing. If your work is creative, it could get a boost now; but in general today, even when you're full of what you think are great and imaginative ideas, you'll have trouble getting them into concrete form.

You're just not perceiving things like usual, and you're definitely not operating on the same wavelength as the people around you. At work, your supervisor could get annoyed with you because you spend more time gazing out the window than at your computer, or because you daze out in a meeting and are unable to answer questions or address important points when they come up. Basically, anything that requires a clear head, like making important decisions or getting good work done on a project, is out the window today. So instead of mucking things up and creating messes that will just have to be cleaned up later, take today easy. Listen to music or read a book. Watch a movie that transports you to another realm. Tomorrow or the next day, your perspective will return, and you can buckle down again.

Moon square Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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