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Moon square Mercury

The Past Sneaks In

Kelli Fox

Deep, unconscious matters influence your thinking and conversation today, but you may not be aware of it except through challenges from others -- usually coming from the people who are closest to you and aren't willing to put up with much. Elements from the past -- such as old feelings of sadness or insecurity -- sneak in unannounced today. As a result, you're not operating at your best, either at home or at work.

You're feeling vulnerable, touchy and anxious, so getting out into the fray of life probably isn't high on your list of things to do. This isn't the best day to deliver a public speech or presentation; if those tasks are on your schedule, see if you can delegate them to someone who will do them a bit more justice. In general, you're feeling moody, so activities that you can do alone are your best bet. But don't expect yourself to get a whole lot done, even on your own; somehow, you keep getting distracted by small, unimportant details. Your perspective suffers today. You may feel restless or have trouble sleeping because your mind is spinning; good thing this influence is short-lived! You'll feel much more like yourself in a day or two.

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