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Moon square Mars

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Kelli Fox

You're feeling irritable and moody, and you're ready to squabble with anyone who gets in your path. With close friends and family, that's okay; they know how to deal with you when you're in a mood, and any messes you make can be cleaned up later. But watch yourself at work.

You wouldn't want to get on your coworkers' or your superiors' bad side, but that's just what's likely to happen if you don't put a filter firmly in place between your thoughts and emotions and your mouth! You could get into some serious disputes, and then tomorrow you'll look back on them and wish you'd handled them very differently. So why not just avoid this from the get-go? If you're feeling annoyed with someone, keep it to yourself as much as you can. It's probably more you than them, anyway, and you're more likely to lash out than you are to present your feelings in a reasonable, calm way. If you can, work alone on your projects. You're not in a good head space for teamwork, so anything you can do alone is best. That way, your frustration and irritation will be self-contained, and in a day or two when this energy passes, you won't have any burned bridges to reconstruct.

Moon square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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