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Moon square Jupiter

A Journey of Your Own

Kelli Fox

You may feel like spoiling yourself today, or eating too much. This is unconscious behavior, the result of something from your past that's coming back up again and pushing you to fill the sudden void with something -- food, affection, new clothes or other purchases... Thank goodness this influence only lasts a day or two!

Otherwise, you could get into some serious trouble with your credit cards or your diet. If possible, spend some time reflecting on what it is that's making you want to consume so much. What does this sudden void inside stem from? If you don't feel equipped to face down your issues at the moment, that's okay; just try not to go too far overboard in whatever you do today. If you're going shopping, take a trusted friend along to help yank you back from spending too much. And if you're going out to dinner, avoid the all-you-can-eat buffets! But you might get a little further if, instead of gulping down a pint of ice cream, you drag out your old photo albums and take a little trip through history. Reflect on your family and how they helped make you what you are today. Shed a tear or two if you need to. And trust that in a day or so, you'll feel a lot better.

Moon square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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